Red Team Operations

Are you curious about how red teams can help your business or personal safeguards measure up to adversaries? An extension of our assessment services can provide your organization with the ability to improve its security posture by providing tangible opposition that will test your current protective measures. Through physical methods and intelligence analysis, TNG can demonstrate how real-world attackers can exploit your vulnerabilities. We do this by thinking like an adversary – observing activity, collecting intelligence, and identifying areas for exploitation. Our team will then execute the physical testing of identified vulnerabilities – always operating under the client’s constraints and instructions.

These skilled and carefully planned operations can quickly identify and classify security risks, identify social engineering vulnerabilities, exploit vulnerabilities, showcase impacts, and help reduce stakeholder liability. While red teaming cannot stop all threats, validating and testing an organization’s susceptibility can mitigate the targeting of facilities or employees.

While we use red teaming to identify potential gaps and weaknesses, it can also showcase what a great job your team or security provider is doing. But one of the most critical aspects is, it can show that you took action to prepare. Nothing is preventable, but everything is mitigable.