TNG recognizes the need to mitigate risk in the lives of high-profile individuals, corporations, and organizations. From exposure to extortion, ransom demands, assault, cyber intrusion, theft, adversarial surveillance, due diligence, unforeseen threats, emergency planning, unwanted attention, and/or emergency extraction from unfavorable situations – our security professionals are there to alleviate the burden and provide peace of mind. Everything we do is guided by intelligence. Whether you’re in need of a protective detail, or assistance investigating a complex issue, or travelling overseas, our intelligence professionals continuously shape the operation, maximizing your success. Nothing is left to chance.


Analyst Services

Travel assessments
Country briefs
Secure travel services
Social media monitoring
Dark web monitoring
Due diligence
Background checks


Other Services

Executive protection
Threat assessments
Security drivers
Asset transport
Estate security
Global crisis management
Complex case investigations
Protective surveillance
Cybersecurity solutions
Emergency preparedness
Red teaming


Our multi-tiered program provides flexibility depending upon the options you need, and we will guide you in assessing the best fit. Select tiers include services conducted by our intelligence analysts – such as travel assessments, country briefs, and more – as well as a personal Account Executive to manage our relationship. Your Account Executive is there for you 24/7. Their ability to answer your questions, address your concerns, and guide you to effective security solutions, provides an unparalleled benefit. Additionally, the program includes access to all of our services at a discounted rate and the ability to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. 
As an added benefit to our Private Client Program, TNG has partnered with Cyber Investigations and Intelligence Agency, LLC (CI2A) to include elite access to their CyberVIP® Protection Program – designed to enable clients to embrace technology and live their lives without worrying about the complexity cybersecurity and technology create. These programs use social science, human intelligence, and technology based on cyber criminology and cyber victimology to move beyond keyword searches to true contextual intelligence. By analyzing concentric circles of protection, these unique programs remove the complexity of cyber overwatch for clients. 

CI2A CyberVIP® C2 Victimological Profile. Proprietary contextual analysis of your cybercrime exposure and unique victimological profile including cursory digital footprint validation.

CI2A CyberVIP® Cursory Digital Footprint Validation. Cursory assessment of your unique digital footprint to validate and provide contextual intelligence.

CI2A CyberVIP® Concentrated Monitoring. Concentrated monitoring of your digital footprint based on your unique victimological profile and pattern of life exposure or your cursory digital footprint validation.

CI2A CyberVIP® Intelligence Advisory Center. Access to CI2As CyberVIP® Intelligence Advisory Center and the Cybercriminal Intelligence Analysts, Cybercriminal Researchers, and Cybercrime Prevention Specialists.

CyberVIP® is a registered trademark of Cyber Investigations and Intelligence Agency, LLC (CI2A).