Global security is a growing concern. Protecting yourself and your assets is an evolving process. Your personal and organizational security needs to continually address the competitive landscape, political climate, and your vulnerabilities. Our vast network of highly trained professionals is ready for you at a moment’s notice. All of our Protective Service offerings can be customized to meet your specific needs – at the individual or organizational level – and be combined with any of our services to produce a world-class security package.

TNGs Executive Protection services are structured to mitigate the ever-changing personal risks facing our clients and provide coverage where your business takes you. Our agents don't just physically protect; they assess risks and vulnerabilities and mitigate them based upon the client's desire. We conduct our services in a professional manner that respects our client's privacy yet provides security, peace of mind, and safeguards their reputation.

Corporate security should never be ignored - you want to preserve what you’ve built. Whether large or small, we will work 24/7 to provide your business with highly qualified & vetted security personnel, up-to-the-minute intelligence assessments, and high-tech solutions to better identify and mitigate potential threats to your staff, visitors, and facilities. Our security professionals can help provide the peace of mind you need to continue your success.

When it comes to event security and the protection of your venue, our team focuses on both safety and hospitality. From a concert or festival to board meetings and corporate events, we take pride in our customer service and professionalism while ensuring all patrons’ safety and security is the utmost priority before, during, and after the event.

TNG has provided executive drivers for celebrities, heads of state, and Fortune 500 leaders. We afford clients the option to maintain a one-time, part-time, or even full-time driver. You can trust our highly trained, screened, and experienced staff. We can help you safely plan your next business trip, family vacation, or everyday secure transportation needs, allowing you to increase productivity and focus on what matters.

Terminating an employee is never pleasant, but the risks become much more significant if the individual has a history of violence or aggressive behavior. The North Group can help your organization minimize these threats by providing a discreet security presence during an employee termination.

Our agents are professionally trained in verbal de-escalation skills, crisis intervention, and non-violent confrontation strategies, all necessary to maintain a calm and productive termination process.

Residential security provides peace of mind to you and your family. We protect our clients’ loved ones and property from a myriad of threats, including home invasions, disturbances, trespassing, privacy invasions, menacing behavior, and other potential incidents. Our staff can help develop a scalable program of full-service residential security solutions, all aimed at mitigating your risk while considering your lifestyle preferences and respecting your privacy.

Protective surveillance is a means of providing protection when traditional protective methods may be seen as intrusive or inappropriate. It consists of using technology or physical surveillance methods to develop ongoing intelligence and risk assessment while blending into the environment.  Our Protective Services Division works closely with the Intelligence Services and Special Projects Divisions to build custom solutions to serve your needs.