Have you assessed your risk lately? ​

14 questions you should be asking yourself. ​

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1. Have you tested your current business or personal safeguards against real-world adversaries?
2. Have you ever felt uncertain about your security when travelling alone or with your family?
3. Are you concerned about your personal or business information being compromised on the dark web?
4. Have you ever felt the need for personal protection for yourself or your family?
5. Are you concerned that you or your family are vulnerable on social media?
6. Is your organization prepared for an insider threat?
7. Do you often travel internationally?
8. Have you ever had the need for investigative services to solve a complex business or personal concern?
9. Is appropriate due diligence being performed before you put your money or business at risk?
10. Do you feel your family or business is susceptible to cyber intrusion?
11. Have you, your family, or business ever been exposed to extortion, bribery, or embezzlement schemes?
12. Are you ever concerned about the security of your high-value assets?
13. Do you feel your organization is vulnerable to corporate espionage?
14. Are you concerned that you or your family could be at risk of a potential kidnap/ransom situation?

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