A risk assessment can reveal security vulnerabilities.

Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

Active threats, corporate espionage, hazardous material spills, and even severe weather events are just some of the safety and security concerns an organization can face and that a risk assessment can mitigate. While some incidents are avoidable, others may not be. However, identifying the vulnerabilities that may affect your facilities, then taking the necessary steps to mitigate them can provide your employees with a safe, secure, and productive environment.

We provide risk assessments to help organizations identify unknown vulnerabilities, as well as evaluate preventive measures already in place — and provide recommendations for enhancing them with improvements at both the facility and organizational levels.

Our risk assessments, more formally known as Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessments (TVRAs) comprise analysis that includes: threat identification (global, regional, local); community hazard and crime data; access control systems and protocols; visitor management processes; network systems; security integration; and video surveillance systems. In addition to intelligence gathering and analysis, TVRAs incorporate full Security and Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) walkthroughs that provide our team the opportunity to inspect physical security and safety systems at each facility. After conducting a thorough analysis, we provide you with sound risk mitigation strategies to improve existing security measures that will have minimal impact on business operations.

We develop our assessments to address your unique concerns and needs to help your organization be proactive, not reactive, in improving the overall safety and security of your facilities and employees – all while maintaining regard to your organization’s specific sensitivities.

Our assessment process does not merely revolve around a “Yes/No – here you go…” approach. To help you determine the most appropriate courses of action and resources needed, our analysts delve deep into the data to ensure we provide considerations that are both tangible and achievable. Our assessment findings are designed to be used as risk management and strategic planning tools and are never a criticism of an organization’s competency or credibility. Findings reflect not only areas for continued planning and improvement but also the positive safety and security measures you’ve previously established.

Our comprehensive assessment methodology considers guidance and recommendations from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), U.S. Department of Education, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and state/county/local law enforcement and emergency response agencies, as well as lessons learned from our combined experience conducting assessments nationwide. Additionally, our methodology applies concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), DHS Best Practices for Anti-Terrorism Security (BPATS), and industry best practices that directly pertain to your specific operations.

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