Emergency Preparedness Exercises

Bottom line – exercises test plans. We develop and conduct our emergency preparedness exercises in a way that assesses existing capabilities, captures areas of strength, and identifies any shortcomings while making comprehensive recommendations for improvement. Our exercises increase your participants’ overall abilities and, in the process, increases the organization’s level of preparedness.

Through training exercises, we’ll help you build an effective cycle of preparedness that continually improves your organization’s emergency response proficiencies.

We develop our training to address all-hazards, from an active assailant to severe weather and hazardous materials. We promote options-based response techniques that empower your employees to make decisions – with minimal guidance or direction – and proactively respond based upon how the situation unfolds.

Whether your exercise is relaxed and discussion-based (such as a tabletop) or conducted in a real-time, realistic, and potentially stressful environment (such as a drill or full-scale), our training is designed to teach, not just test. We achieve an atmosphere intended to be positive, open, and interactive and strive to ensure all participants leave our events feeling their time was well-spent. We keep them engaged, focused on problem-solving, and driven towards creating clear, defined actions and plans.

But the actual exercise is only the beginning. A comprehensive evaluation is essential to improving overall capabilities. TNG professionals will work with your organization to evaluate the exercise based upon 1) specific response criteria and actions; 2) federal, state, and local guidance and recommendations; and 3) your industry standards. Don’t just check the box only to say, “we did it.” We want you to exploit every advantage you can take from the training.