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Celebrating The Kindness Games Book

On this week’s episode of Time to Head North, we spoke with Lee Oughton and Tim Wenzel, the visionaries behind The Kindness Games. Initially an online platform for recognition videos, it has transitioned gracefully from the digital realm to global bookshelves. Lee and Tim shared the evolution of their project, highlighting the origins of their latest book—a testament to the transformative power of a simple idea focused on kindness. Under their guidance, The Kindness Games has shifted from a virtual celebration of goodwill to a tangible presence in literature, marking a pivotal moment beyond the digital landscape. The Kindness Games has become a global force, resonating with shared commitments to kindness and inspiring heartwarming connections.

The Kindness Games movement was born out of Covid isolation and a yearning for connectivity in a positive way. Tim and Lee decided to challenge each other to 30 videos recognizing someone who showed them kindness or served as an inspiration. The reason for the videos, and not just a post with words, was to evoke more authenticity and emotion. The goal was to recognize someone who had no idea that gratitude was coming. The movement, though questioned at first, swept across the Security industry. Now, you can find Tim and Lee speaking at almost every major security conference in the country, even globally. Just last week, they launched the book, detailing how The Kindness Games came to be and profiling beautiful stories from people who were personally impacted. Tim and Lee believe in connecting and welcoming all, so their LI pages are featured here. (1) Lee Oughton CSMP® | LinkedIn (1) Tim Wenzel, CPP | LinkedIn

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