Leading in the Security Industry

Growth and Resilience in Security

The people you hire and how you lead them will set you up for success or failure in not just the security business, but in any industry. In this week’s episode of “Time to Head North” we sit down with the President of Mayner Leadership, Desi Mayner and The North Group’s CEO Steve Hernandez to discuss how to lead in the security business.

The tools Mayer handed us in the conversation apply to every industry, including security. As a leader/business owner, Desi says the most important thing you can do for yourself and your employees is make sure you and your staff feel a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

PURPOSE – “Two most important days, day you were born and day you figure out why.”

  • Ask yourself what’s really important to you. Then ask why and rinse and repeat.
  • Be a disruptor
  • Figure out what your purpose is and follow through, no matter what people think

CONSISTENCY – “Consistency is really important. Just continue to show up.” -Desi

  • Show up, you cannot give up
  • Be consistent with how you lead and do it through behavior, not just words
  • Consistency breeds resilience

GROWTH – “The sport doesn’t matter, the team does. That’s how to approach business by leading people well.” – Desi

  • Always work on self-growth as the leader of the company
  • Learn to move through failure
  • Aim to not just work on yourself, but your entire leadership team

FEEDBACK – Feedback is great but employees aren’t punching bags. Offer more than just feedback.

  • Give employees feedback both negative and positive
  • Offer solutions or creative ideas to help employee grow, so they can receive positive feedback
  • Ask your leadership team for feedback, what do you do as the boss that brings out the best and worst in them
  • When you receive feedback, always say thank you

If you would like to learn more leadership techniques watch the video below and reach out to Desi on his website. For more episodes of our podcast, go here or for audio only, check out iTunes, Spotify or Podbean. As always, thank you for reading/watching/listening.