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A horrific tragedy unfolded in the San Antonio area of Texas Tuesday, July 28. Fifty-three people are dead after being smuggled into the U.S. in the back of a tractor trailer. Another dozen were taken to the hospital, including four children. Human trafficking is something the Border Patrol deals with on a daily basis in Texas. What the average American may not realize, is what a day in the life of an agent actually looks like. That’s why we talked with our own Vince Vargas, who used to be an agent in the same area this latest tragedy happened.


Border patrol agents often are seen as enemies, lacking empathy. Vince tells us this is far from the truth. Vince spent most of his days searching for lost illegal immigrants who were left behind from people illegally trafficking them. Searching through the desert, rescuing human beings dying from the heat. He points out about 50 percent of agents are Latinos themselves.

Vince also clarified that border patrol agents are in the heat, weather, trying to find, location, rescue and bring to safety as many humans as possible. Once they are apprehended, everything and everyone is turned over to ICE. The goal is to avoid a tragedy like the one we are watching unfold in Texas.


Human trafficking is rampant and children are very much victims. It is a business, there is no compassion for people being transported across the border. He has firsthand seen men claiming to be dads to young girls and then when those children are interviewed, agents realize it’s not true. The men are trafficking little girls. Vince talked about how girls as young as 8 through adults are put on birth control because it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when” they will be raped as they go through the transport of coming into America.


When you see a crisis of the magnitude of the one at the border, what do you do? Vince says vote! We need immigration reform, more people to uphold humanitarian efforts, and the number one thing is being a part of a solution, not sharing misinformation. Education is paramount.

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