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Meet the Woman Building a Safe Haven for Human Trafficking Victims

In this week’s episode, we are introducing you to Olivia Arnauts. Olivia is an Army Veteran, turned entrepreneur, specializing in protective intelligence, global security, OSINT and investigations. More than that, she is a survivor with a story to tell and a mission in her heart. She has used her talent as an intelligence professional to assist law enforcement, bringing traffickers to justice.

Olivia was targeted and victimized at a young age after meeting an older man online. She has found the courage to speak about what happened publicly and is doing so, to bring awareness to the dangers that exist.

Olivia is currently fundraising for Project ZF, a facility that would include housing and a community for human trafficking victims. Her goal is to get victims away from their abusers and provide a safe haven, where they can rebuild their lives.

Listen below to hear Olivia’s story and the reality of what human trafficking is and what it looks like. For more podcast episodes, visit our podcast section or iTunes, Spotify or Podbean.