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Focused on Cybersecurity

The North Group is very focused on the impacts facing corporations due to cybersecurity risks. We understand that the corporate market has unique needs due to current susceptibilities and advise our clients based on real-time data. 

Managing cyber risks within your business and current operating landscape can be troubling and even more frustrating. Due to the current threats and risks, we are offering free enterprise and private client risk assessment consultations. Every client has a unique “risk DNA”. We evaluate risks based on your business structure, operational footprint, vulnerabilities, current countermeasures, and impacts. We use various intelligence and risk management schools of thought to help clients better understand stakeholder liability and enterprise risk.

Impactful Cybersecurity Statistics

Below are some statistics that can give you a good idea of the overall impact of cyber-attacks

  1. 62% of businesses experienced phishing and social engineering attacks in 2018 (per Cybint Solutions)
  2. The worldwide information security market is forecast to reach $170.4 billion in 2022. (Gartner)
  3. On average, only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected. (Varonis)
  4. Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019. (RiskBased)
  5. 71% of breaches were financially motivated, and 25% were motivated by espionage. (Verizon)
  6. 52% of breaches featured hacking, 28% involved malware, and 32–33% included phishing or social engineering, respectively. (Verizon)
  7. Between January 1, 2005, and April 18, 2018, there have been 8,854 recorded breaches. (ID Theft Resource Center)
  8. While overall ransomware infections were down 52%, enterprise infections were up by 12% in 2018. (Symantec)
  9. The top malicious email attachment types are .doc and .dot, which make up 37%; the next highest is .exe at 19.5%. (Symantec)
  10. By 2020, the estimated number of passwords used by individuals and machines worldwide will grow to 300 billion. (Cybersecurity Media)

Cyber Crime is on the Rise

We stand ready to deploy cyber experts for crisis management purposes at a moment’s notice. Our management team has a passion for solving the most complex problems. Contact us today for a cyber risk assessment at info@tngdefense.com or (844) 750-9222.