Leading in the Security Industry

It’s all about technology and risk management, i.e. avoiding threats in this week’s episode of “Time to Head North.” We sat down with RaySecur’s TJ Kelly and Will Plummer for a fascinating conversation on business continuity and their part in making sure companies/agencies avoid potential catastrophes.

What is RaySecur? The company has taken off in the last few years because of the unique product it sells. Simply put, they have real-time 3D desktop scanners that use safe imaging to detect threats. Plummer says, “It can catch things X-ray machines can’t, like bloodborne pathogens or feces.” He says this is more what threats look like now. It’s cheaper to throw something dangerous in an envelope, put in in the mail with a few stamps on it, and call it a day. The scanner catches those threats and prevents the mail from ever reaching the targeted employee.

Plummer also talked about social media and how that plays a part in threats. In the past, a key tip-off to a mail threat is the CEO/target’s name is misspelled, but those kinds of clues aren’t there anymore. He tells us, “It’s hard to misspell a name because Google won’t let you do it. So threats don’t look the same now.” It’s also easier to find personal information online about a target, so malicious actors can easily go after the target’s family members. He describes the threats as more personal and meaner.

Now onto a market RaySecur has become extensively involved with, prisons. There has been a drastic increase in overdoses in prisons across the country. Drugs come through the mail in ways most normal people wouldn’t realize, like paper dipped in meth and it is sent in as legal mail. “Prisons can’t reach in and pull out because it’s a prisoner’s right to defend themselves, so we are catching the drugs, stopping the overdoses and the lawsuits that follow,” says Plummer.

Kelly says this is the whole point of what they do, prevent catastrophe and the costs associated with it. Take a corporation for example. If there’s nothing to detect white powder and that envelope makes its way into the office and is opened, it halts business. Kelly says, “It can cost a company, usually at the least, hundreds of thousands of dollars for just a couple of hours of disruption.” We were curious if RaySecur has seen an increase in awareness of business continuity planning since Covid taught us all a few lessons. To hear the answer, listen to the rest of the podcast!

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