Terminating employees is never pleasant but the risks become much greater if the individual has a history of workplace violence, or is potentially  aggressive or violent. The North Group can help your company minimize these threats by coordinating with management, human Resources, and local Law Enforcement as needed.

Our personnel are professionally trained in verbal de-escalation skills, crisis intervention, and non-violent confrontation strategies, in order to maintain a calm productive termination process.

The North Group can provide a discreet security presence during the employee termination, while working with management and human Resources personnel to develop response strategies for potential workplace violence scenarios.

TNG personnel can discreetly escort the terminated employee from your facility upon termination. We also provide after termination support through long and short term security as needed.

We will work with management to help determine a strategy for each employee termination on a case by case basis. Once the process is complete we will meet with staff to evaluate the incident and make recommendations that can help minimize the risks of a workplace violence incident from occurring

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