TNG is not just about putting boots on the ground. Our Special Projects Division provides a supporting suite of activities and resources that significantly enhance our other service offerings – increasing the probability of mission accomplishment.

In a high-tech world, your success is measured in seconds.

We see it every day – organizations making efforts to secure their facilities with outdated or incompatible systems. TNG specialists assist building and security managers who are seeking solutions that are easy and effective to use. From system discovery to maintenance and training, we’re the extra set of eyes helping to keep you safe.
Electronic Tracking Systems
Discovering the right tracking technology for your operations is easy; knowing how to deploy them is what we do best. Integrating GPS tracking or real-time locating systems into your security strategy improves...
The popularity of drones is ever-increasing, and we have all seen spectacular footage of skylines, beaches, and sporting events. However, using drones for nefarious purposes is on the rise, as well. Criminals have recently deployed drones to hack wi-fi networks, surveil homes and neighborhoods for vulnerabilities, as well as spy on individuals, corporations, and private events. TNG can employ cutting edge technology that detects, tracks, and reports unauthorized drones in your airspace.
We provide creative surveillance solutions for real-time monitoring in nearly any environment. Every product has been developed with ease of use, practicality, and the highest quality at the lowest costs on the market today. Rugged construction, smart energy management, and innovative modular design allows you to...
From rotary to fixed-wing charters, our staff can work with you to identify and procure your global aviation requirements.
Many situations require enhanced considerations in securing the safety of our clients. Our access to armored vehicle capabilities can help ensure that you are protected while traveling in an adverse environment.

Autonomous system technologies are quickly emerging as broad security assets for enhanced situational awareness and threat response.

Using unmanned aerial, ground, and underwater vehicles, as well as systems such as unattended ground sensors, our special projects team can support a variety of applications depending on client needs: Terrain survey, Thermo...