We see it everyday – companies and schools making efforts to secure their facilities with systems that don’t talk to each other.  The most fundamental aspect of protection is electronic physical security.  TNG Intelligence Analysts assist building and security managers who are seeking solutions that are easy and effective to use.  From system discovery to maintenance and even training, we’re the extra set of eyes helping to keep you safe.

What is Security Systems Integration?

By definition, a security systems integrator specializes in bringing together subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together.  Physical security is the goal.

Subsystems include video surveillance, access control, intrusion, emergency notification, response times, computer networks, physical presence, and more.

While other security suppliers simply procure and install, TNG is a highly capable security integrator, providing the full service of supporting your operations in every phase of the security system lifecycle:

  • Risk Assessments
  • System engineering and design
  • Broad access to the top vetted product lines
  • Custom engineering when required
  • Procurement, staging, installation, commissioning and training
  • Full lifecycle service and maintenance
  • Supplemental and highly trained physical presence
  • System functional and technology upgrades
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