Security, Refined by Intelligence is not just our tagline; it’s the foundation of everything we do at TNG. And when intelligence is the mission, trust our team to get it done. Our highly-trained analysts have real-world operational experience — both military and civilian. Adept in monitoring, analysis, and reporting on local and international data sets, we combine state-of-the-art tools with skilled proficiency. Our job is to look for threats, risks, and other identifiers that may impact people, assets, operations, or reputations. TNGs intelligence professionals can conduct private investigations, remote observations, social media monitoring, financial crime analysis, corporate espionage and fraud inquiries, risk assessments, and more.

Keeping your organization and loved ones safe is our top priority. When it comes to background inquiries, limiting yourself to open-source material can give you a false sense of security and be very risky. TNG intelligence analysts are consistently performing investigations at the next level and can provide an added layer of depth to understanding the faces closest to your business and family.

We can help you gather essential information that can strategically guide your decision-making. Whether you require an evaluation of a potential business partner, employee, assets for acquisition, or even an adult who supervises your children, exercising the necessary amount of care is what separates success from failure.

TNG specialists use multifaceted background investigation techniques to pursue information concerning legal, financial, and personal matters. We assist with verifying histories and statements, as well as finding missing persons, investigating cybercrimes, and more.

International journeys can be exciting for you and your family — but traveling to countries outside your own also comes with a set of challenges and security risks. Global climates change on a regular (and often volatile) basis – don’t take chances with outdated information. Let us help you prepare for successful travel abroad by seeking data and intelligence about your destination area and reporting directly to you. And to further ensure your safety, we can even provide an on-ground, advance party assessment or a personal security detail during your travels.

Are you looking to expand internationally? Whether you’re investing or surveying, individuals and organizations alike require in-depth knowledge of global activities and obtaining intelligence on foreign states provides invaluable insight into your ventures’ success. Our analysts can help you understand the politics, geography, financial stability, and cultural nuances required for effective decision-making – before ever leaving the country.

Investigating corporate fraud, legal issues, and sensitive personal matters requires a subtle approach. From detection to prevention, we have the tools to help you find the root cause of any problem. Every investigation is unique, and TNG treats each case with the confidentiality and discretion it deserves.

A Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep is a specialized service that detects covert electronic devices such as hidden microphones, cameras, and wiretaps.

The threat of corporate espionage or compromise of your sensitive information poses considerable risks that can severely damage your organization. Illicit activities such as eavesdropping and adversarial surveillance can disrupt merger plans, cause negative publicity, harm relationships, and affect your bottom line.

From boardrooms to personal offices and common areas, the goal is to identify existing security breaches and potential weaknesses in technical and communications security and recommend methods to neutralize risk and deter future intrusion.

Your brand reputation will be tried in the court of public opinion. Don't let data breaches, service interruptions, customer issues, unethical conduct, or inaccurate perceptions distress your family's or organization's character. Preparing for and immediately responding to a publicity crisis, regardless of size or subject matter, is what allows you to be proactive rather than reactive. Our analysts can help you protect your brand by developing crisis communications plans, monitoring social media and web forums for bad mentions, and even assist you in removing or suppressing harmful content.