Keeping your loved ones safe is top priority.  When it comes to background checks, utilizing an inexpensive, do-it-yourself online system isn’t always the best option.  This method only gives you a glimpse into someone’s past and can be highly risky as questionable details can be easily left out of the search results.

  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Legibility
  • Database Reach

TNG Intelligence Analysts are consistently performing background checks at the next level.  Whether you’re seeking a deeper dive on your kid’s soccer coach or you are worried that your daughter is running with the wrong crowd, we provide an added layer of depth and understanding to the faces close to your family. 

Invest in the safety of your loved ones

The information you gain from a detailed background check could help you to protect your family, save money, and make better decisions.  We would never rely on just one system – every background check we perform includes detailed results from multiple federal, government, public and private databases.

Understand the meaning behind the data

Here’s something you won’t get with a database report: TNG background checks include sections of “Analyst Notes”, providing you with contextual reference for the data.  We tie information together and help to paint a picture for you, so that you can make better decisions.  For example, we create timelines of locations, research details of court appearances and point out trends associated with a person’s pattern of life.

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