Corporate / business investigations look into company activities with a trained analytical eye. TNG Intelligence Analysts investigate data security breaches, theft, embezzlement, fraud, compliance issues, and more. Adversarial or criminal enterprises can have profound impacts on the health of your company by negatively affecting critical factors, such as business performance and ROI. 

TNG Corporate Intel Investigative Services also include:

  • Workplace Violence & Threat
  • Supply Chain Disruption or Loss of Revenue
  • Brand Protection Programs
  • Securing Chain of Custody (CoC) for evidence
  • Candidate Interviews

Considering an investment merger or acquisition? 

Let us do the legwork for you. We’ll analyze past performance, business processes, and existing or potential vulnerabilities, saving you valuable time and money.

Are you looking to expand internationally? 

Verify the right business decision without ever leaving the country. We’ll provide you with a detailed, historical, and true-to-life analysis of the area of interest covering issues such as:

  • violent crime rates
  • political unrest and corruption
  • business climate
  • growth projections
  • and more

Are you currently working through a corporate issue? 

TNG Analysts have a proven history of working with and alongside official authorities. From the local police to federal involvement, we supplement efforts by providing an investigation team dedicated to focusing on your unique needs.

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