Emergency Planning Training & Exercises


“89% of respondents say they’re aware of active shooter emergency plans; however, 63% responded that drills are rarely or never performed, according to a 2018 national survey.”

Exercises test plans and the improvement of your organization’s emergency response capabilities is our continuous goal. We develop and conduct our training in a way that assesses existing capabilities, identifies gaps, captures areas of strength and identifies any shortcomings while making comprehensive recommendations for improvement. Our training and exercises increase the participants’ overall capabilities and, in the process, increases the overall organizational level of preparedness.

Our training is developed to address all-hazards, from an active assailant – to severe weather and hazardous materials. We provide options-based response techniques that empower your employees to make decisions – with minimal guidance or direction – and proactively respond based upon how the situation unfolds.

Whether discussion-based (such as a tabletop) or operations-based (such as a drill or full-scale), our training is designed to teach, not just test, and are always conducted in an environment intended to be positive, open, and interactive. We strive to ensure all participants leave our training events feeling their time was well-spent. We accomplish this by keeping them engaged, focusing on problem-solving, and driving them towards creating clear, defined actions and plans for improvements moving forward.


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