TNG provides a comprehensive Remote (off-site) or Social Media Monitoring Program developed and managed to protect our clients’ loved ones and property from a myriad of threats, including social engineering, privacy invasions, data theft, disturbances, trespassing, home invasions, and other potential foreign adversarial groups or criminal enterprises. 

TNG Analysts work develop TVRAs, Security Technology tools, best practices, procedures, and full-service physical security solutions, all aimed at mitigating risk and stakeholder liability.

TNG combines various factors to obtain maximum results: 

  • Threat Vulnerability Assessment: Using an internal process to determine Risks and Vulnerabilities to our clients and their properties.
  • Pattern of Lifestyle Evaluation: Evaluating client lifestyle to determine how security measures will impact clients.
  • Cost: Realizing a balance between cost and actual needs to give maximum Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Sustainability: Based on a comprehensive review of security measures and client lifestyle to create an effective yet sustainable program.
  • Scalability: Based on the evolving needs of the clients Protective needs to increase or reduce security measures as needed.

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