Crisis Response Services

What is Crisis Management?

Crisis management is the response to managing and recovering from an unforeseen event. The North Group has helped organizations navigate through various crisis situations by mitigating adverse impacts and helping enterprise clients overcome complicated problem sets to bolster resilience. TNG is ready to assist your corporation, family office, or government by ensuring your stakeholders, family members, assets, and cyber connectivity remain safe and secure during times of crisis.


A professional risk assessment is based on years of experience and stems from law enforcement, military, and intelligence community best practices. Identifying known, likely, or suspected threats give an understanding of the risks to a person’s lifestyle, supply chain and/or business eco-system. We work to understand these risks using intelligence processes, analysis, best practices, and global threat monitoring resources. These tools refine and validate identified threats and assist in implementing effective solutions. Clients tend to face a variety of threats, some of which are self-induced, while others are man-made threats and natural risks. When threats are properly identified and understood, vulnerabilities can then be determined.


Once a risk management team has determined a client’s perceived threat matrix, the risk management process should then involve evaluating what vulnerabilities exist. Determining a client’s vulnerability can be done by a series of questions and closely sourced intelligence collection and analysis. Once vulnerabilities are identified, a well-informed security professional looks to evaluate the countermeasures currently in place. Countermeasures encompass the procedures, policies, and tactics being used to mitigate the current threats and vulnerabilities. After completing this evaluation, we are at the final phase of determining client risk, known as impact analysis.


Client loss, exposure, long- and short-term effects, as well as the viability of the other factors (threats, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures) are considered when analyzing the impact. Evaluating impacts can save clients exorbitant cost, loss of life, litigation expense, supply chain disruption, and other business failures.


Identifying risk is only part of the solution. Tabletop exercises (TTXs) and other means of testing help evaluate a solution’s strength and viability, which is key to a Risk Management program’s success. Security professionals help clients plan, mitigate and deter risk though these corporate-driven, family office and government involved exercises.



Continuity planning is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to manage potential threats to an organization. Through a personal analysis, TNG can provide you with a continuity plan that can allow your family and business to maintain essential functions in times of crisis. In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing operations before, during, and after an emergency.


TNG Executive Protection Services are structured to mitigate the ever-changing personal risks facing our clients due to their wealth, occupation, status, travel destinations, and other contributing factors. Our comprehensive Executive Protection services are designed to provide our clients with privacy and peace of mind so they can focus on what’s most important.


Protective surveillance consists of using technology or physical surveillance methods to develop ongoing intelligence and risk assessments while blending into the environment. It is a means of providing protection when standard protective methods may be intrusive or inappropriate.


Protective surveillance consists of using technology or physical surveillance methods to develop ongoing intelligence and risk assessments while blending into the environment. It is a means of providing protection when standard protective methods may be intrusive or inappropriate.


The North Group consults and develops security strategies for protecting commercial facilities, institutions, transport hubs, and public infrastructure of all types. Our specialists, with extensive backgrounds in military, law enforcement, and private security help identify risks and vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation options with the client’s goals and interests in mind.


International journeys can be exciting for you and your family, but traveling to countries outside your own also comes with a set of challenges and security risks. We seek out information and develop intelligence pertaining to your destination area and report back to you. Let us help you prepare for successful travel abroad.


TNG secure travel services provide clients with peace of mind by securing safe, customized transportation, accommodations, and other travel services domestically and abroad. Unlike chauffeur, taxi, limousine, or private driver services, TNG provides safe and secure transportation through our vetted network.


Keeping your loved ones safe is our top priority. When it comes to background checks, utilizing inexpensive, do-it-yourself online systems only gives you a glimpse into someone’s past and can be very risky. TNG intelligence analysts are consistently performing background checks at the next level. We provide an added layer of depth and understanding to the faces close to your family.


TNG provides comprehensive social media monitoring customized to complement existing technology or create new innovations that provide early warning detection of unwanted attention, privacy concerns, fake identities, and digital footprint.


TNG Cyber Strategists can inspect current home cyber systems and network infrastructure to protect individual assets and intellectual property proactively. We will meet with family leadership to determine how quickly threats are detected, how efficiently they are managed, and provide dynamic and comprehensive strategies to respond effectively.


We protect our clients' loved ones and property from a myriad of threats, including home invasions, disturbances, trespassing, privacy invasions, threats, and other potential incidents. Our internal state-of-the-art Intelligence Division can develop threat assessments, security technology tools, best practices, procedures, and full-service physical security solutions, all aimed at mitigating risk.


Exercises increase the critical thinking of leaders in a realistic manner, in a facilitated setting, and allow for the discovery of issues before they occur during a critical incident. They also help to establish clear objectives and how to achieve them, as well as validate the policies and procedures established to improve emergency response capabilities.


TNG responds to crisis throughout the globe. We use intelligence analysts that are actively mitigating client theft and risk through preforming complex case analysis on certain problem sets that may develop into a criminal case. We assist clients with verifying people's backgrounds and statements, finding missing persons, investigating claims of theft, extortion, embezzlement, and more. Every investigation is unique, and TNG treats every case with the confidentiality and detail it deserves. We use time tested intelligence tradecraft to obtain and collect case information that helps us provide a realistic understand and best case outcome for our client.


Trusted evacuation and extraction services are rarely discussed in daily life yet are highly valued. TNG clients benefit from a hand-picked and real-world tested team of elite professionals who are dedicated to protecting lives in questionable scenarios.